New book format for new publications on Climate

Dear all, Springer is launching a new book format in Climate sciences: This is called SpringerBriefs in Climate Studies, and these are samll books, from 50 until 125 pages. So this is really between an article and a traditional book, but is treated as a book (ISBN etc). The big advantage is that, if you have a study you want to publish but is too long for an article and too small for a big book, you can now still explain your whole study in this new format. 

The books can be: a timely reports of state-of-the art analytical techniques, literature reviews, in-depth case studies, bridges between new research results, snapshots of hot and/or emerging topics etc. The subjects cover all aspects of Climate Science, including  regional climate, climate monitoring and modeling, palaeoclimatology, as well as vulnerability, mitigation and adaptation to climate change. 

If anyone is interested, please let me know.

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